Outsourcing – What could be next?

January 20, 2007

Current level. Want to design a website? Outsource it to cheaper country like India. Want to update your e-commerce site with special deals or perhaps do some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), then again India. Customer care, BPO operations – again India.

Some time sooner, Search engines like chacha.com (People powered search), can also start operations in such cheaper countries.

What could be the next level? Well, you may laugh at what I am going to say. But this is highly possible.

A professional photographer who captures 200-500 photos per day, wants to do some touch-up like colour adjustments etc. Unfortunately, he doesn’t find time to do all these himself. The batch mode, that his photo editing software has, is not reliable.

Suppose his editing software gives a new option like “Subscribe and Outsource this task“, won’t that be great? If the user chooses this option, the software will automatically send all the photos to some worker in a cheaper country. Once the work is complete, it will automatically update the user’s folder with the new photos. Perhaps, some service plans like Unlimited access for $50, would be just too perfect.

Lets hope that all these doesn’t happen in reality at all. Otherwise, it is more or less, like slavery.

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